Quality healthcare starts with quality conversation

Conversational technologies forĀ 

It all starts with a mission

To create more dialog in mental health care

Conversation underpins all interactions in healthcare. Through dialog we seek help, convey symptoms, build trust and manage treatments. At the same time, populations around the world are experiencing a growing gap in the availability of conversation in healthcare, which, ultimately has effects on patient outcomes. Cognital was founded with a belief that technology can facilitate and enable more dialog in healthcare.

Solutions that help you succeed

Products and services

Seeking or providing mental health care? is a conversational AI for mental health

  • empathetic conversational AI app
  • secure and encrypted conversations
  • tuned for mental health

Building solutions for mental health care?

We offer conversational building blocks via API

  • text generation, dialog state tracking, classification
  • easy to use API
  • customise and fine-tune to your needs